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Ministry of Constitutional Affairs & Justice

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Objective of this Division
To provide expertise and services to litigation and arbitration on legal matters on behalf of the Government

The Division have the following functions:-

  • To provide advice to the Government on litigation of civil matters.
  • To supervise the conduct of civil cases instituted against the Government within and outside Tanzania.
  • To vet and review all draft documents concerning civil cases filed or to be filed in courts of law and tribunals.
  • To prepare and institute suits/claims in the High Court, Court of Appeal and arbitral Tribunals on behalf of the Government.
  • To provide legal expertise to the Government, on the preparation, formulation and litigation of civil cases.
  • To conduct or supervise arbitration proceedings on behalf of the Government.

The Division is led by a Director and comprise of two Sections as follows:-

  • Civil Litigation Section
  • Arbitration Section

Civil Litigation Section
The Section performs the following activities:-

  • Conduct litigations in courts.
  • Institute suits and formulate written statements of defence.
  • Prepare counter affidavits and/or Affidavits in civil proceedings by or against the Government or in proceedings where the Government has an interest.
  • Advise the Government on all civil matters.
  • Conduct research on civil matters.
  • File and argue civil appeals in Court of Appeal of Tanzania.

This section is led by an Assistant Director.

Arbitration Section
The section performs the following activities:-

  • Conduct arbitrations by or against the Government in arbitral bodies both within and outside Tanzania.
  • Institute arbitrations and formulate defence to arbitral claims filed against the government or to claims which the government has interest.
  • Prepare affidavits and or counter Affidavits in applications that arise in the course of Arbitrations by or against the Government.
  • Advice the Government and other public institutions on matters relating to arbitrations.
  • Conduct research on arbitration matters.
  • Argue applications in the High Court relating to registration of arbitral Awards involving the Government.
  • Provide legal consultation to MDAs, LGAs and the general public on arbitrations.

The Arbitration Section is led by an Assistant Director.