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Ministry of Constitutional Affairs & Justice

Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB)

International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes

The Republic of Uganda Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

Registration, Insolvency & Trusteeship Agency (RITA)


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Objective of this Division

To provide expertise and services on Constitutional development and Human Rights matters in all MDA's and the country at large



The functions of the Division are:

  • Initiate review of the Constitution
  • Prepare Human Rights reports and other related matters.

The Division is led by a Director and comprises two sections as follows:-

  • Constitutional Affairs Section.
  • Human Rights Section.


Constitution Affairs Section

The Section performs the following activities:-

  • Advise the government on matters relating to the constitution and constitutional developments.
  • Scrutinize legislation and bills to ensure compliance with the Constitution.
  • Provide opinion and advise to the government institutions, non governmental institutions and individuals on constitutional matters.
  • Conduct litigation on constitutional matters.
  • Sensitize public officials on constitutional matters.

The Section is led by an Assistant Director.


Human Rights Section

The Section performs the following activities:-

  • Carry out review of domestic laws to ensure compliance with existing international and regional instruments on human rights.
  • Advise government institutions responsible for ensuring compliance with the international and regional human rights instruments.
  • Prepare human rights reports under international and regional instruments.
  • Advise on human rights matters.
  • Sensitize public officials on human rights matters.
  • Carry out fact finding missions on human rights violations.
  • Conduct litigation on human rights matters before international courts, tribunals and commissions.

The Section is led by an Assistant Director.