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Ministry of Constitutional Affairs & Justice

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The Republic of Uganda Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

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Objective Of this Division
To provide expertise and services on legislative drafting, translation of statutes and revision of statutes.


  • The functions of the Division are:
  • To draft legislation(s) both principal and subsidiary
  • To translate legislation(s)
  • To revise legislation(s)

The Division is led by a Chief Parliamentary Draftsman and comprise of three Sections as follows:

  • Legislative Drafting Section.
  • Law Translation Section.
  • Law Revision Section.

Legislative Drafting Section
The Section performs the following activities:-

  • Study proposals and consult Ministries, Independent Departments, Executive Agencies, public and other government institutions which requires to undertake legislative measures.
  • Coordinate research on relevant legislations and propose consequential amendments.
  • Draft legislative proposals onto Bills.
  • Draft subsidiary legislation and its amendments.
  • Advise the Chairman of the Legislative Committee of the Cabinet, members of the standing committees of the National in respect of legislative drafting issues.
  • Support the Minister and Attorney General in the presentations of new laws and amendments in the Cabinet and Parliament.
  • Draft and vet legal documents such as affidavits.
  • Prepare all legislations and subsidiary legislations to be submitted to the Government Printer for publication.
  • Oversee printing and distribution of legislative instruments.
  • The Sections is led by an Assistant Director.

Law Translation Section
The Section performs the following activities:-

  • Translate Principal legislation(s) and subsidiary legislation(s)
  • The Sectionis led by an Assistant Director.
  • Law Revision Section
  • The Section performs the following activities:
  • Revise laws and assign Chapters to enactments of Parliament;
  • Prepare revised edition of the laws of Tanzania at given intervals of time;
  • Incorporate and consolidate all principal legislation(s) and subsidiary legislation(s); and
  • Codifying and indexing legislation(s)
  • The Section is led by an Assistant Director