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Objective of ICT Unit

To provide expertise and services on application of ICT to the office.

  • Implement ICT and e-Government policy.
  • Develop and coordinate Integrated Information and Communication Technology.
  • Ensure that hardware and software are well maintained.
  • Coordinate and provide support on procurement purchase of software and hardware.
  • Establish and coordinate use of Electronic mail communication on LAN and WAN.
  • Carryout studies and propose areas of using ICT as an instrument to improve service delivery to the Attorney Generals Chambers.
  • This Unit is led by a Principal Computer System Analyst.

Objective of Procurement Management Unit
To provide expertise and services in procurement, storage and supply of goods and services.
The Unit performs the following activities:-

  • Advise the Management on matters pertaining to the procurement of goods and services and logistics management.
  • Monitor adherence to procurement process and procedures as per Public Procurement Act;
  • Develop an annual procurement plan.
  • Procure, maintain and manage supplies, materials and services to support the logistical requirements.
  • Maintain and monitor distribution of office supplies and materials.
  • Maintain and update inventory of goods, supplies and materials.
  • Provide Secretariat services to the Tender Board as per Public Procurement Act.
  • Set specifications/standards for goods and services procured and monitor adherence to them to ensure value for money.
  • Prepare action plan, progress reports and budgets.
  • This Unit is led by a Director.

Objective of Research and Library Services Unit
To provide expertise and service in legal research, publication and library services.
The Unit comprises of two sections as follows:

  • Research and Publications Section
  • Library Services Section

Research and Publication Section
This Section performs the following activities:

  • Conduct research in all legal fields.
  • Inform divisions and zonal offices of current legal development on various fields in the commonwealth and other jurisdictions.
  • Undertake background research for speeches, cabinet papers and other topical papers on legal aspect.
  • The Section is led by a Pricipal State Attorney

Library Services Section
This Section performs the following activities:

  • Stock the library with adequate research facilities, materials and informative literatures.
  • Equip the library with statutes and constitutions.
  • Store law reports.
  • Store periodical law publications.
  • Store law journals.
  • Maintain the law library in conformity with worldwide standards.
  • Maintain register of all reference material.
  • Facilitate loaning of reference materials.
  • Establish a system of exchange of legislation and constitutional works from other commonwealth jurisdictions.
  • Procure legal publications
  • The Section is led by a Pricipal Librarian

Objective of Finance and Accounts Unit
To provide financial management and book-keeping services to the Attorney General's Chambers.
The unit performs the following activities:

  • Prepare payment for salaries including statutory deductions.
  • Payroll management.
  • Budget for personnel emoluments.
  • Prepare pension papers.
  • Maintain records.

Cash Office

  • Submit voucher list to the Treasury.
  • Collect all cheques from Treasury.
  • Bank cash and cheques.
  • Prepare monthly flash report.
  • Pay cash/cheques to employees/customers (service Provider).
  • Batch paid vouchers.
  • Maintain cash book.
  • Record/reconcile all imprest issued.
  • Prepare and effect all payments.


  • Collect all revenues;
  • Manage the revenue according to regulations and guidelines.
  • Collect annual rent, application fees and other impositions.
  • Supervise the collection of revenue.
  • Bank reconciliation.


  • prepare pension papers.
  • Maintain pension records.


  • Prepare budget.
  • Monitor allocations and expenditure.
  • Prepare Final Accounts and other Financial Statements.
  • Pre - Audit/Examination
  • Verify documentations to support vouchers, including authorization according to regulations.
  • Verify financial documents to the relevant laws governing public Finance including regulations and circulars.
  • Reply to Audit queries.

The Unit is led by a Chief Accountant.


Objective of Internal Audit Unit
To provide advisory services to the Accounting Officer in the proper management of resources.
The Section performs the following activities:

  • Review and report on proper control over the receipt, custody and utilization of all financial resources.
  • Review and report on conformity with financial and operational procedures laid down in any legislation or any regulations or instructions for control over the expenditure.
  • Review and report on the correct classification and allocation of revenue and expenditure accounts;
  • Develop audit procedures to facilitate compliance with international standards.
  • Review and report on the reliability and integrity of financial and operation data and prepare financial statements and other reports.
  • Review and report on the system in place used to safeguard assets, and verify existence of such assets.
  • Review and report on operations or programs to ascertain whether results are consistent with established objectives and goals.
  • Review and report on the reactions by the management to internal audit reports, and assist management in the implementation of recommendations made by reports and follow-up on the implementation of recommendations made by the Control and Auditor General.
  • Review and report on the adequacy of control built into computerized systems.
  • Prepare and implement Strategic Audit Plans.
  • Conduct performance audits on appraisal of development projects.

This Unit is led by a Chief Internal Auditor.