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  • To provide expertise and services relating to prosecution of cases, coordination of investigative organs, litigation and arbitration treaties, contracts, Constitutional and Human Rights matters at Regional Level

The Office at Regional level,carry on the following activities:-

  • Carry out prosecution and coordinate investigation of criminal cases;
  • Coordinate and provide guidance to all law enforcement agencies in fraud, corruption, cybercrime and other related offences;
  • Sanction and prepare charges, miscellaneous applications and other related documents;
  • Initiate and conduct proceedings related to forfeiture and recovery of both instrumentalities and proceedings of crime;
  • Consult with other actors in criminal justice system in the recovery and forfeiture of assets;
  • Carry out and coordinate inspection and monitoring activities for public prosecutors and investigative organs;
  • Conduct litigations in courts;
  • Institute suits and formulate written statements of defence;
  • Advise the Government on all civil matters;
  • Conduct research on civil matters;
  • File and argue civil appeals in Court of Appeal of Tanzania;
  • Provide legal advice in the preparation of Contracts, Memorandum of Understanding and other business memorandum involving the Government;
  • Provide legal advice in negotiation of Contracts and other legal documents to which the Government is a party or to which it has interest;
  • Provide legal consultation to MDAs and LGAs on contracts to which the Government has interest;
  • Advise MDAs and LGAs on implementation of contracts to which Government is a party or to which the Government has interest;
  • Vet and advise on procurement Agreements/Contracts;
  • Interpret legislation and propose legislative requirements;
  • Conduct litigation on constitutional and human rights matters;
  • Conduct constitutional education to public officials;
  • Advise on human rights matters;
  • Conduct human rights education to public officials;
  • Make regular case stock taking;
  • Participate in case flow management committees;
  • Attend the Regional Parole Board Meetings;
  • Visit prisons and other detention centres in the respectively region;
  • Receive and provide feedback from or to other agencies involved in the administration of criminal justice;
  • Supervise and conduct periodic inspections with a view to monitoring and evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the prosecution system and transmit the report to the Deputy Attorney General;
  • Address complaints in relation to prosecutions and provide remedies as dictated by the nature of the complaint;
  • Supervise the works done by the District Attorney General`s Offices; and
  • Provide legal advice to the Government institutions.

The Office is led by a Regional State Attorney in Charge.