To provide expertise and services in planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


The Division have the following functions:-

  • To prepare and submit bi-annual report to the Minister;
  • To coordinate preparations and implementation of office plans and budgets;
  • To facilitate the provision of services by Private Sector ;
  • To prepare contributions to Ministerial budget speech and annual economic report ;
  • To institutionalize strategic planning and budget skills ;
  • To carry out monitoring and evaluation of the office plans and budgets and prepare performance report ;
  • To asses and evaluate office plans and provide a basis for making informed decision on the future direction ;
  • To carry out research, assessments and evaluation of office plans and provide a basis for making informed decisions on the future direction;
  • To integrate office plans and budget into the government budgeting process; and ensure that office plans and budgets are integrated into the government budgeting process; and
  • To coordinate preparation, resource mobilization and implementation of development projects/programs and evaluation process;
  • Undertake research and impact assessment studies of plans, projects and programs;
  • Undertake service delivery surveys to collect stakeholders/clients views and opinions on services rendered; and
  • Coordinate mid-year and annual performance review.
  • This Section will be led by a Principal Economic/Planning Officer.